Types of Hackers
Posted by acstopstar
Last Updated: March 03, 2012

In the world of hacking there is a wide variety of hackers who serve different proposes. Some can be good and other can be very bad. It all depends on the mind set the hacker. Some types of hackers choose to use their computer knowledge and advance programming skills for the benefit of others while many of them choose to use it for their own benefit while others just do it because they can.

Black Hat Hackers: They are the bad guys in hacking. They are typically referred to as just plain hackers. They are the type of hackers who break into networks and computers, and create computer viruses. Black hat hackers continue to technologically outpace white hats. They often manage to find the path of least resistance, whether due to human error or laziness, or with a new type of attack. Hacking purists often use the term “crackers” to refer to black hat hackers. Black hats’ motivation is generally to get paid.

White Hat Hackers: These are the good guys. They are computer security experts who specialize in penetration testing and other methodologies to ensure that a company’s information systems are secure. These IT security professionals rely on a constantly evolving arsenal of technology to battle hackers.

Grey Hat hackers: Grey hat hackers are referred to as being a proficient and tech-savvy hacker who is ambivalent enough to sometimes use his program manipulating skills to act illegally in either good or ill will. Grey hat hackers are considered as hybrids of the black hat and white hat hacker types.

Script Kiddies: They are similar to black hat hackers. They use borrowed programs to attack networks and deface websites in an attempt to make names for themselves.

Hacktivists: Some hacker activists are motivated by politics or religion, while others may wish to expose wrongdoing, or exact revenge, or simply harass their target for their own entertainment.

State Sponsored Hackers: these are hackers who work for the government. Governments around the globe realize that it serves their military objectives to be well positioned online. In this age of great technological advancement, it’s all about controlling cyberspace. State sponsored hackers have limitless time and funding to target civilians, corporations, and governments.

Spy Hackers: these are hackers hired Corporations to infiltrate the competition and steal trade secrets. They may hack in from the outside or gain employment in order to act as a mole. Spy hackers may use similar tactics as hacktivists, but their only agenda is to serve their client’s goals and get paid. Many of them may also be double agents or many not be of any legends to anyone.

Cyber Terrorists: These hackers, generally motivated by religious or political beliefs, attempt to create fear and chaos by disrupting critical infrastructures. Cyber terrorists are by far the most dangerous, with a wide range of skills and goals. Cyber Terrorists ultimate motivation is to spread fear, terror and commit murder.

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