lottery game
Posted by Diplomat
Last Updated: March 03, 2012

create a lottery assistant game to assist users in generating a list of randomly selected lottery number.player should control over a number of setting:
including the size of the font used to display game output.
 the window background color.
 For some game you may need to select five number and other you might require to choose six therefore,the lottery game provides player with the ability to specify:
the range of number. 
the quantity of lottery number require .
how many set of numbers they want to generate. 
To play the game user must supply the information listed above into text field and to make the game run user would have to click appropriate menu item .

tool bar should have 
file >get number F1
option >background>white,gray etc

on the window should have 
how many numbers make up a full set (insertbox)
how many sets of lottery number do you want?(insertbox)
what is the highest number that can be picked?(insertbox)

lottery number*heading
 a window that display the lottery number generate

about button should be on it 

Currently writing the code....
i send the code to ur email!!!