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Last Updated: October 17, 2012

 The Home & Away Institute (H&AI) is an Educational Institution that specializes in offering Distance Learning courses. The Chairman of the H&AI has requested that a program be created to allow, students in the Distance Learning Group (DLG), the opportunity to take multiple choice online tests. As the Manager of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department, you are in charge of presenting the prototype system at the next meeting of the Board.

The prototype should allow the student the chance to select the course he/she wants to complete. The test should take the form of a multiple choice test, consisting of ten (10) questions. The questions should be randomly selected from a question databank and should be related to the selected course.

The Home & Away Institute stores its data in a number of flat files (i.e. database), some of the information stored, includes:

Staff Record:

• Id Number, Name (First and Last), Faculty, Department and Date employed


Student Record:

• Id Number, Name (First and Last), Address, Date enrolled and Contact number.


Course Record:

• Code, Name, Description, Credits and Duration


Programme Record:

• Code, Name, Maximum number of courses, Award and Accreditation


H&AI offers Certificate, Diploma and Associate Degree programmes. Each programme consists of a number of courses.

• Certificate Programmes offer students four specialized courses

• Diploma Programmes offer student six specialized courses

• Associate Degree Programmes offer students eight specialized courses


Students are expected to be enrolled in only one programme at any point in time, and can only participate in the courses offered in the programme enrolled.

Create a flat file database to store the question databank. Ensure that all implicit and explicit relationships are captured in this database.2

Allow all system access by staff and students via a login screen that accepts the user’s id and password. On successfully accessing the system the following options should be available:

§ View Test Results

§ Take Test (Student only)

§ Set Test (Staff only)

§ Exit System


When the student selects the View Test Results option, the system should display the results of all tests the student has completed. The details displayed should include the following:

• Test Date, Course code, Course name, Score, Remarks (Pass, Fail)


Students should be allowed to take a test only once.

When a staff member selects the View Test Results option, it should display the test(s) set by the staff member and the number of students that have completed the test from the group. Once all students have completed a test the staff member should be given the option to view a report showing the student’s id number, score, letter grade and remarks (i.e. pass/fail).

When the Take Test option is selected, the system should present the user with a list of courses for the programme enrolled. The list should include only the courses for which no previous test record exists; a test record includes the student’s id number, course code and date of the test.

When the Set Test option is selected, the system should generate a test consisting of ten (10) randomly selected questions from the test databank. The staff member should enter the course code, course name and test date. The test should be saved to an appropriately named file consisting of the staff id number, course code and date of test (e.g. “02117-CIT2004-20121012”).

When the Exit System option is selected, the application should close.


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