The power of UNIX and Linux
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Last Updated: March 20, 2012

Linux and UNIX based operating systems have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. While Linux operating system is available under general public license and is available freely, the UNIX is the same as that of Linux but it is copyrighted name that only big companies can use. It has almost the same features as that of the Linux operating system and also shares the same advantages with it. The Linux kernel that first came up as a project work of a student in the early 1990’s has now become a worldwide success. The Linux kernel can be modified as and when required and all you need to know for this is any of the programming languages such as c, python etc.

The major advantages of Linux or UNIX over the other operating systems are the following


Linux or UNIX operating systems are much more stable than the others. Even if an application  in Linux crashes which is itself very rare, then generally no harm is done to the kernel itself and the problem can be solved just by re installing that particular application.

Free software

Linux kernel is available at complete free of cost and most of the applications that come with Linux are also available freely. Although UNIX is copyrights but still the applications are free here as well.

Runs on old hardware

Linux can run on any machine and it has minimum hardware requirements. It can run even on the old 386 or 486 machines because of its minimum RAM requirements.


Till date no virus threats have been reported that has affected the Linux or the UNIX kernel. There is no need of installing any antivirus programs and still remain protected while you use Linux or UNIX.

Open source software

Linux and UNIX are open source software whose code is available to all the users worldwide and you may choose to debug any problem that you may find out or add any module that is necessary to suit your specific needs.


Websites that you design on a UNIX or a Linux based platform can easily be hosted on other operating systems servers as well but the reverse is not always true.

Choice (freedom)

With a Linux running on your system you have the power to control each and every single thing on your computer right from the way it looks to the way it functions.

These are some of the basic advantages of a Linux or UNIX operating system. It gives the power in your hands to change around the working of your operating system according to your needs and demands. Due to this feature Linux which once started as a project work of a student has now attained great popularity among the users worldwide. If you are really ready to add on changes make modifications to your operating system, Linux is the best choice for you but for those who are happy with just basic computing needs, they can chose other operating systems which do not support modifications and still costs more than Linux or Unix.

The power of UNIX and Linux over other operating system


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