Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Iphone 4S
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Last Updated: March 05, 2012

Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is more appealing than Apple's IOS 5

By Khidr Suleman

Fri Dec 02 2011, 15:21


THE GALAXY NEXUS is Google's attempt to counter Apple's shiny Iphone 4S, and The INQUIRER has had a chance to play with both devices to see which is more worth splashing out the cash to buy.

Hardware specifications are closely matched, with each device outdoing the other in key areas. The main difference is the operating system. The Galaxy Nexus is the first handset to run Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and the Iphone 4S is the first to ship with Apple's IOS 5.


Design: the Galaxy Nexus is bigger, thinner and lighter
The Iphone 4S is noticeably smaller than the Galaxy Nexus and this doesn't come as much of a surprise as Samsung has a habit of making rather large high-end devices, as can be seen with the Galaxy Nexus S and Galaxy Note devices.

Despite having a screen that is over an inch bigger at 4.65in, the Galaxy Nexus is 5g lighter at 135g and thinner at 8.94mm than the cappuccino company's counterpart. Apple's device incorporates a 3.5in screen, weighs 140g and has a 9.3mm thick frame. Samsung gains points in managing to outdo Apple and we don't think the California firm can claim any similarity in design here.

 Samsung Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S front

Both devices are made from premium materials, with Samsung opting for high-grade plastic on the back whereas the Iphone uses glass and has a polished steel frame around the outside. The Galaxy Nexus feels more durable and is likely to survive more drops than the Iphone, which is susceptible to having its screen cracked.

 Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Iphone 4S side on

In terms of looks, it is debatable which handset is better and it was a stalemate in our offices. Four staff members prefer the Iphone, citing the solid feel and compact design as attractive features compared to the Samsung handset, which they think looks clunky and toy-like. One staff member who shall remain anonymous for his own safety even went so far as to call the back of the Nexus "cheap and nasty".

The other four members of the team including myself prefer the Galaxy Nexus over the standard Iphone 4S owing to its minimalist look. The curved design also makes the Samsung made device easier to hold. However, it should be noted that the white Iphone has a certain charm and we think a white version of the Galaxy Nexus could look good.


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