Introducing SourcecodeEra
Posted by acstopstar
Last Updated: February 27, 2012

Welcome to SOURCECODEERA. The new innovative website made by a man with the vision of complete conquest of programming (S.S). We are now in the age of technology where basically everything around us as a circuit board or a microchip of some sorts in it, an age where even our phones have been transformed into mini computers. Technology has taken a large step from where it first started and will continue to rise to even greater heights. Let us all be the chosen few who follow and take lead on the road to advancement. SOURCECODEERA has begun…… This website is structured on the basie of teaching people how to write and understand the various programming languages and also to uplift beginners and to further the understanding of advance programmers. This is the site to be if you desire to learn programming, to share your programming knowledge and to show off what you got in terms of your knowledge and programming skills. For those new to the world of programming we have a community of people with the skills necessary for solving any problem. No man is an island and that’s why we are all here to help each other in whatever way possible, there is no problem too big or too small for us. We are the new generation of programmers. Let the programming begin!

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