Competition of the processors!!!
Posted by acstopstar
Last Updated: March 03, 2012

For the pass decade Intel (the so called number makers of processors) and AMD (my favorite) have completely dominated the top ranks of computer processors. Companies such as NVIDIA (makers of the best gaming processors). Gforce haven't been getting much recognition but by my opinion "they ain't half bad". There are many other manufactures of processors but the ones mentioned are the most known.
The competition is really between Intel and AMD.
AMD is my choice for many reasons. It and NVIDIA are the leading manufacturer of gaming processors. I like the stability I get form my AMD processor. But my intel processor kinda suck -_-. Don't get me wrong the intel processor is fast by specs but it as a greater load time than the AMD. So yeah. AMD is my choice ^_^

Which processor would you beam as being the BEST processor by your choice and experience and why???

AMD All The Way!!!!!!!!!
Any reasons for your choice???
AMD [o_o] done kno
No one for Intel???
AMD fi life