Microsoft C# vs. VB.Net
Posted by Samath
Last Updated: March 14, 2012

I believe a lot of programmers are trying to speculate which Microsoft language is the language of the future .Net applications. I did some research and I think that at this moment Microsoft doesn't have an answer or a direction - they just try to place both and into competition with each other and see who will be the winner over time.

My personal opinion - C# is an attempt to appeal to Java world and take over Java programmers - considering current situation with offshore programming - this envision may not be actual or may have additional complications

In any case - I think C#, being derivation from Java is more modern and object oriented (from the inception) than

In my opinion is another attempt to move old time VB programmers into .Net realm.

So, again as I think Microsoft just doesn't have another way, but place both languages into competition with each other and see who will be a winner.


I say C# all the way
I first started to program in visual but when i saw C# i totally jumped ship! in my opinion C# looks better that visual
a real thing C# is the future
C# we seh.... cyaa bother wid dem olden things like c++
The syntax of C# is so beautiful. I think i'm in love with C#. :)