C program that print electricity bill of a customer
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Last Updated: January 02, 2017

Write a C program to print the Electricity bill of a given customer.The program should read customer ID number, name and unit consumed by the customer and print the total amount to pay. The charge are as follow:

   if unit < 200 then charge are $1.20 per unit
   if unit >= 200 but < 400 then charge are $1.60 per unit
   if unit >= 400 but < 600 then charge are $2.00 per unit
   if unit >= 600 then charge are $2.50 per unit
   If bill exceed $ 300 then a surcharge of 15% will be charged and minimum bill should be of $25.



int main()

   int customer_number, unit_con;
   float charge,surcharge=0, amt,total_amt;
   char name[25];
   printf("Enter the customer ID Number: ");
   printf("\nEnter the customer Name: ");
   printf("\nEnter the unit consumed by customer  :\t");
   if (unit_con <200 )
	charge = 1.20;
   else	if (unit_con>=200 && unit_con<400)
		charge = 1.60;
	else if (unit_con>=400 && unit_con<600)
			charge = 2.00;
			charge = 2.50;
   amt = unit_con*charge;
   if (amt>300)
	surcharge = amt*15/100.0;
   total_amt = amt+surcharge;
   if (total_amt  < 25)
	total_amt =25;
   printf("\n\t\t\tElectricity Bill\n\n");
   printf("Customer ID Number                         :\t%5d",customer_number);
   printf("\nCustomer Name                       :\t%s",name);
   printf("\nunit Consumed                       :\t%5d",unit_con);
   printf("\nAmount Charges $ %4.2f  per unit :\t%8.2f",charge,amt);
   printf("\nSurchage Amount                     :\t%8.2f",surcharge);
   printf("\nNet Amount Paid By the Customer     :\t%8.2f",total_amt);
   return 0;


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