US subscriber count reaches 100 million, Android and iOS use continues to climb
Posted by KingMOW
Last Updated: March 09, 2012

Oh, ComScore. Every month you come out with a new market share report for smartphones, and every month it seems to offer the same theme: Android and iOS go up, RIM and Microsoft go down. The latest report, which details the three-month period ending in January, shows an increase in Google’s mobile OS of 2.3 percent while Apple jumped 1.4; conversely, RIM dropped 2 percent while Microsoft (which likely encompasses WinMo and Windows Phone) went down a percentage point. Individual OEM market share is even more lackluster: LG and Motorola dipped ever so slightly, while Apple jumped up a couple percentage points. Possibly the most noteworthy item in the report, however, is the fact that the total number of US smartphone subscribers has finally exceeded 100 million. That count appears to be growing at an incredible pace, too, so it may not be terribly long before the coveted 200 million milestone is within reach.



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