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Last Updated: April 04, 2012

  1. When people refer to new televisions as “flat screen TV” or “flat screen monitor”
    Flat-screen means the screen is flat; there are still plenty of bulky CRT monitors and TVs in existence that are flat screen – the accurate term is “flat-panel” because the TV/monitor’s chassis [or panel] is flat
  2. People can’t stand to watch TV shows or a movie on a computer screen but squinting on a 3-4” smartphone’s screen to watch YouTube/Netflix is popular.
    This is one of the aforementioned “self explanatory’ trends.
  3. Some people think a computer processor’s clock speed is the arbitrary deciding factor of its capabilities.
    • I’ve been told a 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 is more powerful than a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo
  4. When someone asks “how much RAM do you have? ” and the response is “500GB” or “1 Terabyte”
  5. When someone asks “how big is your hard drive? ” and the response is “4 GB”.
    RAM and Hard Drive size are not the same thing
  6. Common Computer Myths and Misconceptions – Geeks.comWhen people complain their computer is full because their music and movies have eaten up the all their RAM.
    (See # 5)
  7. When people misuse the word “download” (“Yeah, I downloaded that video game but it took a while because there were 3 CDs”).
    The accurate term is "install"; For example, you can download a game from Steam Online and it will install it after the download finishes.
  8. People think the terms “megabytes” and “megabits” are the same thing and use each term interchangeably. Megabits is used to measure transfer speed while megabytes is used to measure storage capacity.
    1 bit =0.125 bytes or 8 bits = 1 byte
  9. People think Wi-Fi is secure even though they use password protection but leave their Wi-Fi on 24/7.
    Ahem, war-driving and GPU brute-force hacking…
  10. When a customer’s Internet Service Provider temporarily goes down and he or she quickly thinks their server has crashed and attempts to send an email to get it fixed.
  11. Notebook computer manufacturers continuously engineer their products for longer battery running time yet many people always hunt for the nearest power outlet right when they walk into a coffee shop with their notebook.
  12. It is still assumed by many that Windows and Office are one and the same thing (“What version of Windows are you using? ” – “Well I have Word and PowerPoint 2007... ”).
  13. When someone says they work in “I.T.” and the response is “Oh, so you’re a programmer?”
    I.T. encompasses a broad range of disciplines such as networking, computer repair, programming, cyber security, etc.

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