Common Mistakes (true stories) part 2
Posted by KingMOW
Last Updated: April 04, 2012

  1. It is still commonly assumed that 8GB RAM will make casual web browsing run twice as fast than 4GB. 
  2. When a customer thinks that simply adding more RAM will make their notebook run computer games better even though the notebook’s non-upgradeable graphics card is beyond obsolete for today’s games.
  3. When people freak out because they can’t take anymore pictures due to their digital camera’s memory card “film” being full.
  4. People still refer to the desktop computer tower as the “CPU” or “Hard Drive” and the computer monitor as “the computer”.
  5. Many still think charging a device’s battery overnight is essential to fully charge it.
    That was true with the 1980s – 90s Nickel Cadmium/Nickel Metal Hydride batteries.
  6. Common Computer Myths and Misconceptions – Geeks.comWhen new notebook owners wonder why they suddenly have a computer infection months after their 90-day anti-virus trial software expired.
  7. When the question asked is “What kind of Internet connection do you have, Cable or DSL? ” and the response is “Yes, I have Wi-Fi”.
  8. People think the Apple Macbook Air and other similar-sized and spec ultraportable computers are “netbooks”.
  9. When Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies still say “10-20x faster than 56k dial-up” in their advertisements.
    As if 56k dial-up is still widely-used today to represent an industry benchmark.
  10. When people say “There’s 1000 MB in 1 GB” or “There’s 1000GB in 1 Terabyte”.
    • (See # 8)
  11. Common Computer Myths and Misconceptions – Geeks.comWhen people discover their computer’s maximum RAM capacity is 4 GB or more and ask to upgrade even though they’re running a 32-bit version of Windows.
    32-bit Windows will recognize up to 3.72 GB RAM while 64-bit Windows will recognize up to 192 GB RAM.

  12. Some people still think Wi-Fi and 3G service are the same.
    • I’ve actually had someone ask me “How would I connect my iPad 3G to the Internet if there is no Wi-Fi network around? ”
  13. When it comes to computer infections, many perceive Mac infections as “Social Engineering” while Windows is just inherently infection-prone
    Social Engineering infections involve duping the computer user to install/download/open/click something questionable [or give up sensitive information] which happens to both Mac and Windows computers)
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