BlackBerry 10 (Q&Z)
Posted by KingMOW
Last Updated: March 01, 2013

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The new smartphones are called the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. Both  will run the brand new BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system.

The phones will launch in March in the U.S. Prices will vary by carrier, but  should cost around $150-$200 with a carrier contract.

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Best Phone in the world...!!!

Leave a comment if u agree or disagree..
I strongly disagree with this notion. Blackberry is playing catch-up, they cannot compete with android (Google) or IOS (Apple) who is dominating the smart phone market. They are trying very hard so I will give them thumbs up for that but sooner or later they are going to get overwhelm and give up. that's just how I feel. :-)
lolz.. that tru wen u giv it alot a thought. ever cheaked out the Samsung Galaxy S4..??? its kool!

Da fone yah a shit still. it's an unsmartphone yes
well its better than most phones that i knw everyone can agree to.. certainly its not the best.