AVG 2013
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Last Updated: November 17, 2012

AVG Internet Security has always been a likeable security suite, with all the core components you need to keep your PC safe: antivirus, firewall, spam filter, browsing protection and more.

But of course it’s not perfect, and so it’s good to see AVG Internet Security 2013 doesn’t waste time introducing irrelevant new features, and instead largely concentrates on addressing many fundamental issues. The new release aims to accelerate scanning performance, for instance, reduce memory consumption, cut your boot time and improve core modules like the firewall and spam filter, which sounds great to us.

After a hassle-free installation, though, the first big change you notice is the new and very Windows 8-like interface.

The suite’s core functions are represented by five green tiles – “Computer”, “Web Browsing”, “Identity”, “Emails”, “Firewall” -- and clicking any of these provides quick access to useful options. (You can turn a module off, tweak its key settings, and so on.)

You also get buttons to scan your system, or update Internet Security 2013. If you forget what any of these do, then hovering the mouse cursor over them will display a helpful hint. Or, if you prefer the old ways, the Options menu provides access to most functions in just a couple of clicks.

This is all presented in a rather plain Metro-style design, which ( judging from the hate generated by Windows 8 ) certainly won’t appeal to everyone. We soon got used to it, though, and on balance found the new interface to be clean, straightforward and easy to use.

(AVG 2013 Review) 

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