check the the size of a variable
Posted by JanWan
Last Updated: March 02, 2012
/*SIZEOF.C--program to tell the size of the c variable*/
/* Type in bytes*/

#include <stdio.h>

printf("\nA char is %d bytes", sizeof(char));
printf("\nAn int is %d bytes", sizeof (int));
printf("\nA short is %d bytes", sizeof(short));
printf("\nA long is %d bytes", sizeof(long));
printf("\nAn unsigned char is %d bytes", sizeof(unsigned char));
printf("\nAn unsigned int is %d bytes", sizeof(unsigned int));
printf("\nAn unsigned short is %d bytes", sizeof(unsigned short));
printf("\nAn unsigned long is %d bytes", sizeof(unsigned long));
printf("\nAn float is %d bytes", sizeof(float));
printf("\nA double is %d bytes\n", sizeof(double));
return 0;