Laptop Cooler
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Last Updated: June 01, 2012

Laptop Cooler

How To Choose A Laptop Cooling Pad – 5 Buying Tips

laptop cooler pad

In this article I am going to give you some basic but valuable information that will show you how to choose alaptop cooling pad. The laptop cooler is pretty much a simple piece of equipment but that doesn’t mean all makes and models will be suited to your own computer. Even though they all help to remove heat, how the heat is removed may work for or against your laptop‘s own internal fan; so take note.

Do you have a list of criteria to follow that will help you make the right choice when buying a laptop cooling stand?

If you answered no to the above two questions then worry not as I have compiled a handy list of laptop cooler features that are important to know when looking to buy a unit.

Laptop coolernotebook cooler pad, cooling pads, laptop cooling stand, chill matt, etc. All these are pretty much designed to do the same job and that is to help cool your laptop when you are using it. A cooler pad is manufactured in a variety of ways based on active and passive cooling techniques. There are two main laptop cooling techniques to choose from.


One type of passive laptop cooling pad would be a lapdesk that is shaped in such a way that the heat from your laptop naturally escapes. The other type of passive laptop cooling is the mat version. These absorb the heat away from the underside of your laptop.


These use fans to draw heat away from the laptop or to blow cool air at the laptop. You will need to decide whether your laptop will benefit from a cooling system that sucks hot away or one that blows cool air. There are different types of laptop ventilation and it would help for you to know what type your laptop has before buying a cooler.

Ventilation Of Your Laptop Or Notebook:

The first and most important piece of information you will need for choosing a good laptop cooler pad is knowing the position of the vents and their ventilation method on your computer. Remember, when choosing a cooler pad you need to make sure it works with your laptop rather than against it. An example would be a cooler stand that has its fan directly under or near enough to your laptops hot spots.

The Laptop “Hot Spots”

When your laptop is turned on certain areas around the base tend to be hotter than other areas. These are called “Hot Spots”. Be sure to check for heat spots in all areas so that you have a rough idea where you need the fan to be on the cooler pad you buy.

Design And Build:

Laptop coolers with fans are commonly made of plastic or metal and some even have a mixture of both. Plastic laptop cooler pads are very popular as they are for the most part much cheaper than the metal versions. Metal laptop coolers are heavier and pricier but they also conduct heat better and are thus able to disperse it better.


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