Inspirational though to all computer programmer
Posted by JanWan
Last Updated: December 02, 2012
When thinking of the word "COMPUTER PROGRAMING" the first thing come to mind is "the use of the computer and the writing of codes". In the field of computer science you can't limited yourself, there are always room for improvement. Make used of every time you have, because the time you waste can't be regain. Only a failure will give up and a successor will continue to improve his/her knowledge. "J.W. PRODUCTION"
Let God be a part of everything you are doing!!! He is the only one who will give you multiple chances.
God is the greatest programmer, he design mankind, he create a sourcecode name wisdom and knowledge which he install into mankind. He continue to update these records in us. He also continue to maintain the system of our heart, mind and soul.
"Inspirational though to all computer programmer"

What you put in, is what you will get out.
The information above was type into the program and this is the result that i got back out of it.
Think of this as a perfect example of your life and what you do.


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