Importance/Advantages of programming in C
Posted by JanWan
Last Updated: March 16, 2012

The uses of C programming:
C was initially was used for system development work. But why use C..??
mainly because it produces code that run nearly as fast as written in assembly language{direct machine language} .
1. Operating systems,
2. language compilers,
3. assembly,
4. text editors,
5. printer spoolers
6. Network drivers
7. Modern programs,
8. Data bases
9. Language interpreters
10. Utilities.
There are few areas where C language is used.

Importance/Advantages of programming in C:
1) Easy to understand.
2) Freedom of using different type of data.
3) Short listed words could be use.
4) Efficient and fast programming.
5) It can be used as mid-level language.
6) Any type of software and operating system be developed with the help of C language.


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