Android Injector 2.0
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Last Updated: February 08, 2013

Android Injector 2.0

Android Injector 2.0

When it comes to Android OS we can say that it has a large number of users and that its number goes significantly up every day. At this moment this is a leading OS when it comes to mobile devices like smartphones, tablet devices and similar. Installing applications on these devices is quite simple if you need them only from Android market but if that is not the case than Android Injector might help you out.

With this small and easy to use application you will be able to install application on your Android powered device directly from your computer. Now it is much simpler and faster to do this even without the need to access Google Play.

All you need is to download .apk file that represent the installation of an application that you want to transfer to your cell phone and then simply transfer this file to your Android powered device.

Android Market or the new name, Google Play is a great source for a large number of various application’s but if you need an application that can not be found on this site than you might want to try Android Injector.

Also, there are devices that are allowed to download and install programs from Googly Play and will not allow you to install anything that does not come from that site. To install anything that is not allowed through a store you will be able to use Android Injector. Everything is done through a USB connection so it is fast and simple.

We need to add two things, this app will try to install additional software that you do not need for it to function properly and have in mind that most apps that come from unverified sources might present a potential risk to your device.

Free download Android Injector 2.0
Size: ~ 3 MB


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