Which is better?
Posted by Gizmosis350k
Last Updated: April 04, 2012

Beginning Visual C# 2008 or Beginning Visual C# 2010?

Main difference:

2008: 1100 +/- pages

2010: 100000000000000000 pages (LOL)


less pages the better
2010 is better because it is more up to date! don't let the size intimidate U............. O_O
well i like 2010 more, it has less technical jargon in the initial chapters, it has screenies taken in Windows 7, and the context menus are the same as in VS 2010 so i'll be posting some blogs with improved code.
Basically i'll be starting from scratch with the knowledge base.
I'm using Visual C# ^_^
Turns out 2010 is much better lol
Wrox is the b3st company i've seen so far in this business LoL