What type of script does tpb use...?
Posted by Gizmosis350k
Last Updated: January 21, 2013

Im wondering what html script thepiratebay.se uses for their popup ad on the site when you click search?
It's a really nice piece of code, if anyone could duplicate that i'd be thankful it seems neat ^-^ lol

hmmm... think i know someone with that capability..
QQ then why hasn't he answered this?
Good question, but i think u need 2 start a research and try to dig into that area to c if u can find ur answer. R check Samath...
Sorry I took so long to respond. I think they use jquery or JavaScript.  The code is easy to duplicate. I will inbox u the code.
great work samath im sure he will be thankful.
Thanks lol
~_~ da fuq??? Is that toilet paper???