Mandelbrot Set Generator [fixed]
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Last Updated: April 09, 2012

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace Ch04Ex06
   class Program
      static void Main(string[] args)
         double realCoord, imagCoord;
         double realTemp, imagTemp, realTemp2, arg;
         int iterations;
         for (imagCoord = 1.2; imagCoord >= -1.2; imagCoord -= 0.05)
            for (realCoord = -0.6; realCoord <= 1.77; realCoord += 0.03)
               iterations = 0;
               realTemp = realCoord;
               imagTemp = imagCoord;
               arg = (realCoord * realCoord) + (imagCoord * imagCoord);
               while ((arg < 4) && (iterations < 40))
                  realTemp2 = (realTemp * realTemp) - (imagTemp * imagTemp)
                        - realCoord;
                  imagTemp = (2 * realTemp * imagTemp) - imagCoord;
                  realTemp = realTemp2;
                  arg = (realTemp * realTemp) + (imagTemp * imagTemp);
                  iterations += 1;
               switch (iterations % 4)
                  case 0:
                  case 1:
                  case 2:
                  case 3:

I got the source code right after comparing it with the one from the site at

Basically, this demonstrates the for statement in lots fo style. The authors went a little overboard with this one, because things such as Mandelbrot Sets are for persons who are VERY verse in math, and so to be honest i only have a very limited understanding of how this function is capable of achieving such a  complex pattern.
In full colours, this is what it looks like:-
File:Mandel zoom 00 mandelbrot set.jpg

and this is what the program printout looks like:

It's inverted and has pattern differences but as Wikipedia states, this pattern best demonstrates "Visual Mathematics".
Also, i found out recently that lots of math is in store for me in later chapters.

Very kool man!  don't worry u will grasp all the concepts! it just a matter of time...
u a gwan good thou giz
Yea, I'm supposed to make a interactive version of this program soon O_O
but, it shouldn't be THAT difficult, only a few variables that were assigned fixed values will prompt for the user to enter values within a certain range (this is where the ^ operator comes in for my version of the program Samath >.>) and then print a portion of the mandelbrot based on the integer range entered.

This should be out as soon as I'm finished revising chapter 5 @.@