Posted by Flamez53
Last Updated: September 02, 2012

If you guys were paying attention to the news you would have heard that apple has sued samsung for over a billion dollars for patent infringement. Dont you think that apple is trying to hard to stifle the competition.Tsk Tsk Tsk, i didnt know that the all mighty technology buffs apple would be afraid of any other technological company. but enough of my ramblings what do you guys think of the current apple vs samsung war? give your feedbacks 

well i think samsung deserve to be sued! they r trying too heard to look and feel like apple. 
y not try to come up with something new rather than coping apple's design.
tru thing i agree.. i wouldn't blame them for suin Samsung
they need to diverse..
bwoy it kinda sticky still because look when apple decided to sue samsung, right after they decommissioned the iphone 3gs  which used a samsung APL0298C05 chip, which was designed and manufactured by samsung rasta.i understand the fact that if you gonna build devices then you must create your own new concepts.but for something as simple as a tap to zoom and the other concepts that samsung supposedly stole. my question is why the hell apple neva sue microsoft fi dem mouse. remember enuh people that apple created the first computer mouse.nuff said
apple actually stole from the mouse from xerox... Bill gates said "apple had a neighbor called xerox. Microsoft broke into xerox only to find out that apple already stole everything".
lol same thing star.apple lucky, with all dem fake unix os a fool man bout a real ting. is becuz them have money them feel seh anything is possible but always remember:
top mobile phone producer = nokia
top os= windows
top video game company= sony or nintendo
so ya apple better come with something strong b4 them start sound them mouth
a real ting man... can watch out fa wat them gona do next. There most be a change!