The Age Of Darkness
Posted by Flamez53
Last Updated: March 01, 2012

Remember the times when techno geeks where looked down upon, people were like 'who wants to be a geek' and often had thier wierd twisted view of what a geek was and what that person did. Most people today don't recognise that hackers are a type of geek, you see because geeks were seen as antisocial beings they began to morph,thier ideas became dark and their thoughts were only to bring pain and suffering for all the normal people out there. Thats when hacking was born,because a tech geek couldnt physically fight he had to use the only weapon at his disposal which was a computer to be cont....

True Story
"It's a bad look fry-eye"
don't mess with the
lol "revenge of the nerds" eh xD