Posted by Flamez53
Last Updated: March 05, 2012

What is jamaica's obsession with the blackberry smartphone, to me it does normal stuff just like any other smart phone currently in the market.I mean sure it has WiFi but what other phone doesn't, it has a camera, well its hard to come by a phone without one,is it bcuz of the services,oh please dont even say that.
Come on dudes its just the same stupid phones with the same hardware as majority of the phones out there in different housing with different names, Even the damn OS is crappy,you cant even personalize the thing without some risk happening to the phone. and whoever says blackberry has a great security is an idiot,all you gotta do is enter the security code wrong a few times,let the phone wipe itself,reboot and viola you have a new handset.

once had a blackberry,was so lame i sold it for dirt cheap.
lol idk
ughhh. think i'm gonna quit from anonymous and form my own hacking group.
I totally agree!!! Blackberry is crap...
dont like dem at all man