I.T Schools
Posted by Flamez53
Last Updated: March 16, 2013

Well we all know that when people think of I.T and Technology and schools they usually think of schools such as uwi and utech and sometimes ncu, but did you guys knew there were other schools out there such as vector technology institute, infoserv and hcit (formerly cit and couple more). I knew about vti and hcit from going to york castle and am actually gonna go to hcit. What do you guys think of these other schools??

Questions like these normally cause controversy. People would normally defend there school, but I don't want to be bias and say Nothern Caribbean Univesity (NCU) is the best because I attend NCU. I think NCU, University of Technology (Utech) and University of the West Indies (UWI) are the three power houses in Jamaica. They have wonderful facilities and brilliant students. Look at Mark James for example, he is a friend of mind who attend Utech, he works consistently hard. I think he is going to become a dominant force in this discipline. Jan Wan is a colleague of mine at NCU is also a very dedicated programmer. In terms of the other schools that you mension, I don't really know about them, but I can tell you one thing for sure it's not the institution that one attends, it's the hardwork and dedication of the individual and his/her willingness to collaborate. These are the steping stone to the indiviual's future!!!

Thats just my opinion. lets here what the other guys have to say. 

yah i know thats why i wanted to hear other peoples intake. all i know that hcit (formerly cit) around for a long time now and aquired university status in 2010 and i have heard good comments about it. besides its the nearest school for me cuz i'm not intrested in boarding

Well as long as the resources are there, it’s up to you to carve your own path. You must remember that resources are essential to learning. If they are low you will be at a disadvantage in this competitive world of technology.

Make sure you check if the school is creditable. If it is not, then you will end up losing all of your money and also you would not be certify to work in any organization. Your documents will be seen as fraud.
If they are credible source of obtaining an education and you will be qualify to work  in any organization, then I urge you to go for it. The three most creditable university in Jamaica are UWI, UTECH and NCU.
I like the statement that KingMow uttered. What JonWan is saying is facts! make sure the school is creditable.
duh of course hcit is acredited i wouldnt be a moron to go there if it wasnt. dont know about the rest
besides most people (not me) dont have uwi utech or worse ncu money. my freind gonna be doing comp scie at uwi and is 300k for the course imagine paying that for 3 years plus have to be paying for boarding, food, school acessories, clothing, lunch money and personal funds. suppose di man nuh get nuh work when him lef uwi???
well as long as there are proper resource present you can carve your own path. Proper resources are essential to learning. if they are low ,then you will be at a disadvantage in this competitive world or technology. Keep that in mind.
when you think about a GOOD education it normally in values a lot of money. There are institutions such as the student loan bureau that aid students with their school fee. I think you should ask existing businesses (potential employers) if they accept hcit students. remember this is a competitive world. let me give you a scenario : A student from hcit goes to an interview and a student from UWI is also at the interview for the same job. who would get the job?????????????
Samath i got to say you got me in a stalemate bro, however i think that these schools should be recognised more. i mean look at good good jamaica talking about developing its ict sector and we only have THREE!! well recognized universities here. 3??? tell me how 3 universities gonna cater for approximately
1.9 million of of on this defected island.Truth be told i think its the name and prestige associated with the school that makes it soooo appealing till people even borrow money they dont have to make it their and in the long run we see their faces in the papers and wonder how uwi, utech and ncu graduate hiding from student loan bureau.
you have a point my friend! Jamaica needs to build more world renowned  institution... but even if they do this the expense will be the same or more than the current establish university... the reason y that person hide from the student loan bureau is because he wasted is time while going to school...LOL... anyways, I have been doing some research on hcit and so far I got positive info on them...
trust me my friend i know its a good school, its not the best and its not my first choice but their level of achievements has impressed me so far.am still gonna apply for ncu bcuz you guys are well recognised in the information technology scene