For Scriptties
Posted by Flamez53
Last Updated: March 04, 2012
Gone are the days of looking on the internet for "so called cool stuff" to do to impress your frineds.well i have one i'd love to share:

1-click on the star button
2-scroll up untill you see run click on it
3-type into the box that appears cmd
4-when the box appears type telnet into the box
5-you will now be presented with a different box simply type o and press enter
6-you will then type and press enter
you will be presented with a box asking for first name last name and password.just enter crap in all three and it will ask you to register
7-after registering eat your heart out.

note:will have to enable telnet on vista and windows 7 for this to work
note:if you are caught doing anything wrong here i will not take responsibilty
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