Best Os
Posted by Flamez53
Last Updated: March 01, 2012

Hello folks just wanted to get your opinion on what was the best Os suited for a programmer

Personally for me i'm a die hard linux fan
Windows XP ftw bish lol
yo, "Thomas Gabriel" u think me no know a who u really be wha gwaan lol
hello my good friend,i knew you wolud recon the name.however i think that although windows has a large share in the os market it's more geared towards people like noobs(no disrespect meant lol) that want a os that is freindly and easy to use.os like linux,unix,bsd and mac are more programming orientated languages
I say linux because its super light and can do so many thing. Very good for hacking ;)
i agree freind,because the code for linux is open to the public,many proffesional coders can make their own version of linux wether it's a windows clone or a linux based on hacking
In my opinion windows is the best suited OS...
...Well Linux ftw, obby i was the one fronteiring the linux scene for practical hacking applications with distros like the Trinty "Rescue" Kit and so forth, but WinXP is win for regualr everyday non-hacking use.
Linux is boss for semi-practical hacking applications.
Windows can be coaxed into running programs that write anything you can fathom to drive, just outside the restrictive environment normally introduced in a guest account.
I am a big fan of C# and Visual and they are products of microsoft... thats the reason i choose the windows operating system..
however based on security,a os such as windows with approximately 40 million lines of code and around 350,000 flaws shouldnt be used by a programmer
no programmer wants a hacker to sucessfully exploit one of those flaws and steal his/her data.
yeah ur right, Linus is for hard core programmers......
Exactly,no dis to users of windows os but that os is more geared towards noobs who arent intrested in codding hacking and learning about a computer
i wish this were the 80s when kids where very intrested in hacking,nowadays damn kids are only intrested in facebook.well i am a kinda glad that they have thier haven. cant expect a boy to do a mans job
Mac OS has been completely ignored lol, wow i think you guys need to recognize the MAC OS SNOW LEOPARD as a good os too :)

XP is the best windows ever made still

Linux is and has always been a very secure operating system. Although it still can be attacked when compared to windows, it much more secure. Although Microsoft has made great improvements over the years with security on their operating system, their operating system continues to be the most vulnerable to viruses and other attacks.

I used linux to do my first hacking back in grade 9. ask if mi neva glad
well gizmosis you should know that mac snow leopard is a certified unix.

well Mandriva linux be haxor too :c
i'm not so sure about mandriva linux, talking as a person who has used it before its kinda crappy.