Battle of the mobile os
Posted by Flamez53
Last Updated: March 02, 2012

Based on the massive views on my past blog I've decided to post another question to all you tech fans out there.

What is the best mobile OS currently used right now?

As you all know the three main OS competing for the top spot are:
1-android OS
3-bb OS

your comments will be gladly recieved

As I've said before I'm a fan of Linux and is greatly impressed with it and the many transformations that took place for it to reach where it is today. so seeing that android is based off of Linux makes me say that it might be the best mobile OS, and dont mind me that was my opinion.I'll gladly like to hear all comments
Another critical topic.
Basically in terms of aesthetics, BB OS isn't all that attractive unless modded.
Android adds a lto of slipstreaming to tasks and iOS is like....awesome for gaming.
you mean ios only good for graphics
Operating system iphone 5.PNG

I think ios is the best mobile os...  
Other platforms have the potential to be good in graphics too, but in terms of developer base all-round iOS wins hands-down.
gizmosis whatever happened to nokia's symbian os?
Hey samath you should knw that nokia's symbian os is programmed in your favorite language of c++

you know y i think ios is a great mobile os for developers... because u can now use C# and .Net to create Application using monoTouch.

With MonoTouch, you can harness the full power of C# and .NET. Write shorter, simpler, and more maintainable code using features like LINQ, anonymous types, lambdas and more.

lol, Symbian well tusty fi run still enuh.
<_< Why be using so much ram just to run a basic GUI?
To tell you the truth, because Nokia decided to drop backward-compatibility for the later OS's, lots of users got discouraged and the developer base eased over to Android and iOS but some disappeared altogether, such as a Infrared Remote Control app that was designed for Symbian v7. Obviously one of a kind apps like this won't be seen on other os's that easily because of the lack of hardware, as the transmission protocol has fazed out.
If Nokia kept both, it'd have been a winning factor in having the only phone that can turn on your tv :)
Android OS is the obvious choice because its the most stable mobile OS out there.
i did kinda have a thing for symbian.but it was so slow