Where would we be without Technology?
Posted by Christie911
Last Updated: March 05, 2012

Life is impossible without the internet! Well, maybe our opinion is a bit subjective considering that our business is digital marketing.

But think about it, at least 5 years ago this phrase sounded shocking. Life is impossible without parents, friends, and relationships many would tell you. But the reality is most people can’t live without their families and whether they would want to admit to it or not, without modern technologies as well.

The world has changed, we forget about meeting up with friends to go to the theater or cinemas, we can now communicate via Facebook, Skype and mobile phone and it doesn’t look strange. In fact we can know more about the Coliseum in Rome, than a person living next to it. Modern appliances and technologies make us all-instant experts with literally a world of knowledge at our finger tips.

Many would protest about the importance of technology in their lives but if you take a closer look you would be hard pressed to find a person that doesn’t make use of it in one form or another.

It could range from doing your research and booking your next vacation online, internet banking, online weather updates, downloading music or staying in touch with loved one’s via email or Facebook.


WOW!!! So very true
hmph, technology should only be used by pros,  not stupid amateurs who surf the web for fun. i don't do fun
Fun is everything!!!! People do things that they enjoy doing the most and hate things they are forced to do or just dont enjoy doing. Everything is better when fun is involved
Technology plays a very important role in ours lives, weather it may be entertainment or business... for me personally i don't think i could live without technology..
Technology should be used to create military weapons for the near future,computers should be used as weapons.
instead of surfing the damn web all day kids should get outside and exercise and let real men deal with computers
Technology started with the discovery of fire
Society messed up the kids' head with all these in door laziness