Ways to Minimize Potential for Hacking in schools
Posted by Christie911
Last Updated: April 04, 2012

Ways to Minimize Potential for Hacking

There are a number of ways for schools to minimize potential for hacking.

  1. Schools need to clearly establish acceptable use policies and delineate appropriate and inappropriate actions to both students and staff.
  2. Students and staff need to instructed regarding hacking, the mentality associated with it, the consequences of various hacking actions and possible consequences of interacting and forming online relationships with anonymous individuals who claim to be proficient in invading others' privacy.
  3. The use of filters may be considered in reducing access to unauthorized software serial numbers and hacking-related materials, newsgroups, chatrooms and hacking organizations.
  4. Teachers need to be aware of student activities in the computer labs and pay special attention to things they hear in terms of hacking behavior.
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