Top Ten Things I Love About My Computer
Posted by Christie911
Last Updated: February 29, 2012
10 I spend a lot of time with her and enjoy every minute.
9 She rarely gives me trouble.
8 If she ever does give me trouble, I can trade her in for a new one and she will sit quietly in the corner without another word processed about it.
7 I can change her look and feel. 
6 If she gets a virus, she never gives it to me.
5 She is a lot better at math and spelling than me.
4 At first, my mom did not understand her, but now she loves her too. 
3 If I want to look at other computers, she will point me to them.
2 She plays a great game of solitaire.
1 And the number one reason I love my computer...she has really beautiful icons.
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