CXC IT 2012 algorithm
Posted by Christie911
Last Updated: March 03, 2012
Ask for applicant's name
Accept name
Ask user for applicant's gross salary
Accept gross salary
Ask for Applicant's Expenses
Accept total expenses
Ask for Applicant's Loan Repayment
Accept Loan Repayment

{Calculate relevant deductions}
Compare gross salary to 5000.00
If gross salary is less than 5000.00 then
Set PAYE to zero

Set PAYE to eight percent of gross salary
Set Health to 155
Set union dues to two percent of gross salary
Set pension to fifteen percent of gross salary
Set salary deduction to PAYE + health + union dues + pension

Set net salary  to gross salary - salary deduction

Set Total Repayment to Expenses + Loan Repayment

Set balance to net salary - Total Repayment

{Applicant' Qualification Status}
Compare applicant's net salary to qualifying salary for the housing community
If the net salary is greater than qualifying salary then
Applicant's status is assigned qualified
Applicant's status is assigned not qualified

{Applicant's Approval Status}
Compare Applicant's status to qualified
If True then
Compare balance to a half of applicant's net salary
If balance is greater than or equal to a half of applicant's net salary then
Applicant is approved
Applicant is not approved