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Last Updated: March 02, 2012

i need to know all about touch computers..... i think it will be really important if you start with the basic stuff then go to the complex part of it thanks

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to touch screen computing.
Firstly....hardware - Nowadays a lot of devices (esp mobile) use touchscreen technology, esp those for mobile applications.
Basically, the innovation nowadays lies mainly within the operating system running on the device, as easier to access menus make handling the same information faster, hence increasing overall efficiency.
A good video example of how touchscreens sense touch input is shown here:-
As for promising existing and future Operating Systems for use on this type of thing is:-
-which i will be discussing in more detail later in my blog.
Well basically touch computers or more referred to as tablets are a new generation of computers that are even more scaled down than your average netbook. although it can be classified as a computer it is very limited in performing certain a normal computer would do since from the developmental stage much emphasis was placed in media and entertainment
we talk about that in person natasha it's alot to write
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Touch computers sucks
lol no they sorta awesome (like iPad)
Lol expect for those. Many of the tablets break too easily
if u take care of your device they will last very long!!!! Love Apple devices.... Thanks Steve Jobs......
yeah the iPhone is surprisingly durable lol
R.I.P Steve Jobs
inb4 RIP Bill Gates >_> (lol that's NEVER happening)
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It's unfortunate, but touch computers are waaaay too fragile smh